How to vote

Online elections

In diesem Jahr findet die Wahl zum zweiten Mal als Online-Wahl statt.

Das bedeutet für euch wieder folgendes:

Ihr bekommt eine Mail an eure Stu-Mail gesandt, welche den Zugangslink zu der Wahl beinhaltet.
Thereupon you log in with the usual access data for your Stu-Mail (QIS, OLAT, HISinOne) and will be redirected to the external election page. There you will be shown all necessary ballot papers for which you are entitled to vote.
You can cast your votes and review them before submitting them.
Auch werden Euch ungültige Stimmen angezeigt, sodass Ihr die Möglichkeit habt diese zu verbessern.

Voting by post for the election of the student representatives, the StuPa and the international students can still be applied for by Wednesday, 05th June 2019 using an official form. The form will be made available on the website . In addition, it is also possible to apply in person at the Election Office during opening hours.